Investment approach

We believe this century will be the “Asian Century”: the most important secular trend this century is the return of Asia to the centre of the global economy. During this century, Asia will be the region where wealth creation will be the highest. If history is any guide, investing in the “Asian Century” will yield high returns in the future.
We research extensively the fundamentals and consequences of the “Asian Century”.
Based on the research, we identify investment themes such as urbanisation, consumption and energy demand. Subsequently, we select companies which will likely benefit (buy) or lose out (sell short) from the investment themes. In our stock picking, we are disciplined value orientated investors. We use in-house research and valuation models.
The combination of the following defines our unique investment style:
- investment themes
- disciplined value orientation
- in-house research
- flexibility to go either long or short

We invest globally, based on our secular view and investment themes. For long positions,
we focus mainly on small and mid cap Asian companies. Additionally, we invest in companies outside Asia which will benefit from Asia’s growth. For short positions, we focus on certain large cap companies in the US and in Europe.